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Pentax M42 Screw Lens to EOS Digital Body Adapter, All-Metal, new $35
Leica Screw Mount  
DOOLU Bubble Level w/Red Box, mint $199
Canon IVS2 Rangefinder Body, Case, mint- $349
Imarect Finder w/Black Nose & Nickel, ex $89
Leica M Rangefinder  
135mm F4 Elmar-M, Leitz SL Filter, Caps, mint- $349
New Commemorative M6 Chinese Rooster Camera sn.19282--,  50/2 Summicron sn.2793--, Wood Presentation Box, new CALL
Chrome Deep-Dish Rear Cap for 21mm M-Lens, mint $69
Black Deep-Dish Rear Cap for 21mm M-Lens, mint $69
Minolta Telescope Converter, mint- $49
28-85/3.5-4.5 MD Minolta, ex++ $79
28-90/2.8-3.5 MD Vivitar Ser.1 Macro, ex+ $84
Miscellaneous Lenses  
Tamron SP 2X Adaptall-2 Teleconverter, ex+ $49
EL2 Chrome Body, mint- $189
95mm F39 Skylite Filter, Case, Box, mint $69
TC-1 Pre-AI 2X Teleconverter, Caps, mint $119
35-105/3.5-4.5 AIS Manual Nikkor, caps, ex+ $94
LT-1Compact AF 35mm Camera, mint- $79

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